The University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture uniquely touches the lives of people and communities in a lasting manner. Present and future societies are shaped by the excellence and innovation brought to our craft and enhanced by our respect for diverse individuals, perspectives, and ideas. 

The School upholds the belief that diverse values and beliefs, interests and experiences, and intellectual and cultural perspectives define and contribute to the excellence of our institution. Additionally, we hold that a well-designed environment is a fundamental human right and enables communities to develop in healthy and sustainable ways. By embodying a diverse constitution in its population, we hold that our School will be able to better serve the community at large.
The School is committed to creating an educational setting in which all faculty, staff and students are valued for their contributions to accomplishing the School's mission. We strive to create an equitable and inclusive environment for all people regardless of race, religion, national origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, level of physical ability, or socioeconomic status.

-Adapted from A Framework for Diversity (2010). 


CRPSO Community and Regional Planning Student Organization works to host a variety of activities and address student concerns. CRPSO representatives work to address broader student issues with program administrators and faculty.

Feminist Design Collective (FDC) is a student-led organization created to promote inclusion and diversity in the field of design. FDC's mission is to empower marginalized groups and individuals by facilitating open discussions regarding power structures and gender roles within the field of design and the greater built environment.

NOMAS National Organization of Minority Architecture Students is the student chapter of the National Organization of Minority Architects. It strives to enhance education and professional networking as well as engage solutions to ensure a healthy living and working environment for the community at large.
Other university resources:

Services for Students with Disabilities 
International Student Office
Division of Diversity & Community Engagement
Campus Climate Response Team
Multicultural Engagement Center
Gender and Sexuality Center

Committee for Diversity + Equity (CODE)

In 2008, Dean Fritz Steiner commissioned a Diversity Task Force with the charge of gathering feedback from students, faculty, and staff, presenting a report of its findings, and drafting a strategic plan (Framework for Diversity) for addressing diversity and equity within the School. After successes and some missed opportunities, Committee on Diversity + Equity [CODE], a school-wide committee, was formed in 2015 as an ongoing commitment to achieving greater diversity and equity within each program and the School as a whole.

2018-2019 CODE Members: 
Sarah Lopez and Charlton Lewis (co-chairs); Nerea Feliz, Katherine Lieberknecht, Michael Oden, Robert Paterson, Miriam Solis, Wilfried Wang, Sarah Wu, Robin Dusek