Students currently or formerly enrolled in other UT-Austin degree programs who wish to enroll in architecture or interior design must submit an Internal Transfer Application to the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs.

Internal Transfer Information Sessions, Fall 2014

Please join us in Goldsmith Hall 2.308 on one of the following dates to learn about the process for current University of Texas students to apply for internal transfer to the School of Architecture.


  • 9/15 (Monday)  3-4pm
  • 9/30 (Tuesday)  3:30-4:30pm


  • 10/15 (Wednesday)  3-4pm


  • 11/13 (Thursday) 3:30-4:30pm
  • 11/20 (Thursday) 3:30-4:30pm

More information can be found at the Internal Transfer FAQ.

Internal Transfer Application

The deadline to apply is March 1, 2015.

The School of Architecture is one of the smallest academic units at the University of Texas at Austin. We make it a priority to maintain effective faculty/student ratios in all of our studio and classroom settings in order to achieve the best possible educational environment. Thus, admission is offered to only a select number of qualified applicants each year. To request a major change, students applying for internal transfer must have a minimum UT Austin grade point average of 3.25 based on at least 24 UT Austin hours (excluding credit-by-exam). Emphasis is given to strong performance in university courses, especially those relevant to the degree program to which the applicant is applying. However, meeting these requirements does not guarantee admission into the School of Architecture.

Internal transfer applicants may apply to enter the first or second year in either the architecture or interior design program. Please select one of the options listed below within your application.

First Year: Students who apply to enter the first year of the program will enroll in ARC 310K - Design I and ARC 311K - Visual Communication I during the upcoming fall semester, if admitted. There are no specific course prerequisites for this option. Applicants should register for the fall semester as if they are not going to be admitted. If admitted, academic advisors in the School of Architecture will assist students with registration for the required studio courses during the fall add/drop period.

Second Year: Students who apply to enter the second year of the program must enroll in ARC 310K Design I and ARC 311K - Visual Communication I during the first summer session, and ARC 310L - Design II and ARC 311L - Visual Communication II during the second summer session, if admitted. Please note that PHY 302K/102M (or PHY 303K/103M) and M 408C (or M 408K) credit is required prior to enrolling in these summer studio courses. To be included within this applicant pool, students must register for the required studio coursework during the summer registration period in the spring.

Apply online.