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The O'Neil Ford Monograph Series, Volume 5: Philharmonie, Hans Scharoun

Philharmonie, Hans Scharoun cover

The University of Texas at Austin
Center for American Architecture and Design
and The O’Neil Ford Chair in Architecture

The Archive of Hans Scharoun is one of the most voluminous bequests of the Architectural Archive of the Akademie der Kunste, Berlin. Scharoun donated almost 18,000 drawings, photographs, autographs, correspondence, and models tot he Akademie shortly before his death in 1972--including the charge to guard his copyright interests. Internationally, his built work is considered among the most significant of the 20th century. Like few others, Hans Scharoun has studied the diversity of architectural forms and developed an architecture of unique expression with rigorous consistency. His concert hall for the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra made a contribution to architectural history that until today has remained without parallel.


Wilfried Wang and Daniel E. Sylvester


Eva-Maria Barkhofen, Mack Scogin, Daniel E. Sylvester, Wilfried Wang

Series Editors:

Kevin Alter, Michael Benedikt, Barbara Hoidn, Wilfried Wang

Associate Editor:

Barbara Terrell

Production Editors:

Susan McNally, Leora Visotzky

Design and Cover Photograph:

Daniel Sylvester

Table of Contents

  • Acknowledgements
  • "Space, Humans, Music" by Dr. Eva-Maria Barkhofen
  • "The Lightness of Democracy" by Wilfried Wang
  • Competition Drawings & Models?Bundsallee
  • Construction Drawings, Models & Photographs?Tiergarten
  • Scaled Drawings
  • "The Scalloped Edge, Gold Lamé and the Resonant Plan" by Mack Scogin
  • "Consonance & Resonance" by Daniel E. Sylvester
  • Historic and Contemporary Photographs
  • Project Credits and Chronology
  • Selected Bibliography
  • Biographies
  • Photo Credits

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