photo of Tristan Ahlquist

Tristan Ahlquist

TA Summer - Anchor

Andrea Alvarez Barrios

TA Summer - Anchor

photo of Robert Anderson

Robert Anderson

TA - Dangel

Delaney Bannister

TA - Speck

photo of Simon Chen

Simon Chen


photo of Andrew Glazener

Andrew Glazener

GRA - Wu - 2639839412

photo of Jessica Kulow

Jessica Kulow

Sr Student Associate

photo of Sydney Landers

Sydney Landers

Teaching Assistant

Joshua Lee

Other University Affiliate

photo of Robert Lehr

Robert Lehr

TA - Felkner

Jennifer Mason

Teaching Assistant 7/16 - 8/31

Shelley McDavid


photo of Izabella Nuckels

Izabella Nuckels


photo of Steven Richter

Steven Richter

GRA - Felkner - Energy Institute

Douglas Shay

Teaching Assistant - Morshed

Dylan Taylor

TA Summer - Anchor

Crystal Torres

Teaching Assistant - Bieg

Tatum Troutt

GRA - Wu - Harris County Housing Project

Malati Vasudevan

GRA - Siddiqui - 3086232520

photo of Leora Visotzky

Leora Visotzky

Managing Director

Center for American Architecture and Design