The Advisory Council is an external support group for The University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture. Its purpose is to promote the value and importance of architecture, planning, and design by supporting the mission, values, and interests of the School of Architecture at The University of Texas at Austin.

Members of the Advisory Council act as ambassadors for the School of Architecture. They are points of contact between the school, alumni, and the public at large, and help acquaint the greater community with our mission and activities through events, publications, and personal contact. We look to them for guidance on pedagogical and curriculum issues as they relate to architectural and design professions, for assistance in recruiting outstanding students, and to facilitate placement of graduates and interns. Members also play a vital role in helping us identify and obtain financial support for students, faculty, programs, and facilities.

Members come from a variety of professional and societal roles, including architecture, planning, interior design, engineering, education, real estate development, foundations, law, investments, and civic leadership.


Bibiana Dykema, AIA
Corpus Christi, TX


Michael Wheeler
Houston, TX

For more information about the School of Architecture Advisory Council, please contact Luke Dunlap at 512.471.6114.