Fall 2017

(new course Fall 2017)

The whole range of ways that buildings change over time, through deliberate and unselfconscious interventions and through natural processes. The whole range of ways we understand and shape these processes: intellectual, professional, cultural and aesthetic.
I teach historic preservation courses; this is not one. Preservation manages changes in buildings that we have decided to curate as cultural assets. This course examines the larger context of which preservation is a part: all buildings, all their behavior over time.
Subjects will include:
<> addition, renovation and refacing;
<> obsolescence, adaptation and conversion;
<> temporary buildings, kinetic buildings, design for adaptability;
<> building moving, movable buildings;
<> maintenance, upgrade and neglect;
<> weathering, patina, deterioration;
<> mothballing, abandonment, demolition, reconstruction;
<> life-cycle analysis, post-occupancy evaluation, facilities planning and management, appraisal and net present value;
<> rephotography, time-lapse and longitudinal documentation, artistic interventions.
The course is open to graduate students in all programs in UTSOA, and to others by permission. Students will take an active role in shaping the investigations during the semester.