Fall 2018

Through lecture, labs, exercises, and a final project, this gradaute class will introduce different GIS tools/methdos that are important for urban stuides and analyses. It will leverage the resources and projects in the Urban Information Lab and expose students to the most cutting edge Urban GIS studies. The course gives an overview of GIS, shows how it is currently being used in professional and academic settings, goes through a myriad of applications associated with planning and policy, and looks at methods for critically evaluating data and geographic analysis outcomes.  Students will work through exercises covering data acquisition, spatial analysis, representation of spatial information, spatial statistics, 3D modeling, GPS data, and integrating GIS data with other programs.  Much of the focus of the course is on a final project, for which students can investigate a particular area of interest as it relates to GIS.  Upon completion of the course, students will possess the basic skills needed to begin using GIS in a professional or academic setting, as well as an understanding of the opportunities and constraints of GIS analysis, how to critically evaluate outcomes, and how to exhibit and display geographic findings.