Fall 2019

ARC 391D.1 (01525)
F 9:00am-12:00pm


This course (designed for CRP PhD students, although doctoral students from other relevant disciplines have taken the course and are welcome) complements the two other core courses for PhD students, CRP 391D - Planning Theory and CRP 391D - Research Design, by providing a supportive environment for scholarly exchange and development. The course aims (1) to strengthen the scholarly community in CRP through open, creative and reflective discussion of issues relevant to planning scholarship among PhD students and faculty members in CRP and related fields; (2) to support PhD students in the development of scholarly publications; and (3) to critically discuss and foster the development of professional skills and scholarly identities of CRP PhD students. PhD students are required to register once for this course prior to scheduling their comprehensive exams, but may register more than once. All CRP PhD students are encouraged to attend Colloquium whether or not they are registered for the course.