Fall 2019

ARC 695S

The objective of this studio is to introduce advanced design level students to a process that describes the confluence between design and technology. This studio will concentrate on the ways in which the nature of building systems effects and inform architectural design. Knowledge acquired in previous technology courses will be developed and applied to a mixed-use building project that will emphasize design and the preparation of construction documents.
The course also introduces students to an expanding understanding of the use of materials and methods of construction and their application to details. A major dimension of the project will be to integrate the design of tectonic systems, materials, assemblies, environmental control systems, building codes, envelopes, and   industry standards, that deploy renewable energy - and to connect various technologies -building, computational, service, and other emerging technologies as a part of the design and technical design presentation process.
The studio will also address issues of building performance and respond to environmental conditions. Each student will identify environmental challenges for the design on the site, and in turn demonstrate how their design tracks and responds to this condition from the scale of the building’s massing down to individual details.

The comprehensive Studio emphasizes architecture as a tectonic expression. Projects are expected to address the full range of potential issues embodied in an architectural design; however, aspects that directly impact how projects exist in the physical environment, including site relationships and materiality/construction, will be a particular concentration. Therefore, the studio will have a strong focus on the design implications of technical issues, particularly their potential for design generation and as a repository of meaning. In addition, the thoughtful design and craftsmanship of presentation documents at all phases and scales will be emphasized.
Issues of construction and assemblies are framed within a set of concerns that are present in any type of construction, such as expansion & contraction, moisture infiltration and evacuation, ventilation, primary and secondary structure, logic of connections, differential settlement, etc.  Particular attention will be given to the nature of detail drawings and the final product produced by the students will result in a presentation package that will be comprehensive in content and scale.
The primary subjects of the studio are the design potentials of techniques of building and siting. While students will be expected to produce exquisitely crafted documents of their design proposals at the site, building, and detail scales.
General material and format considerations will be suggested by the instructor throughout the course, however, investigation and experimentation are strongly encouraged at all stages of production and design. In addition to digital production methods, portions of the studio process will include hand sketches and drawings as well as physical models; students should equip their studio workspace appropriately.
PROJECT PROGRAM: Haven for Hope: Austin
You are asked to design a new a new campus program for Haven for Hope, a ne transformation center engaging the homeless population in Austin, Texas.  Along with providing food, shelter and clothing.  Haven for Hope will address the root causes of homelessness by centralizing an array of services in one location.
The challenge for this project is to create public spaces that evoke a campus feeling. Three new structures will be located on a site in central Austin, once occupied by an old Home Depot supper store.,. The buildings accommodate diverse functions that include housing, meal service, child care, job-training sessions, and delivery of medical care, educational programs, and behavioral health services
The building design problem will investigate the evolution of shelter designs for the homeless, moving away from shelters that warehouse residents in temporary spaces that serve as a rest stop in a continuous cycle of homelessness towards a more holistic,  comprehensive and inspiring facility that will address the underlying causes of the homeless population.