Fall 2019

ARC 388R (01115)

Time and place: Mondays, 9-12, Battle Hall 101
This course is intended for graduate students in architectural history or graduate students in the School of Architecture. Students from other department may also register with the instructor’s permission.
Course Description and Format
This course will explore the basic models for the writing and research of architectural history and related fields. Discussions will include the evolution of the discipline of architectural history, its intellectual lineages, major theories of history, and various methodological models used in research and writing. Readings and critiques of basic texts will be supplemented with several short writing assignments. Students will also make in-class presentations during the term. One longer research paper (approximately 20 pages) will be due on the final day of classes. 
Educational Objectives
This course will focus on developing students’ knowledge of the fundamental problems of the discipline; on familiarizing them with sources and concepts used in architectural history and theory; on developing their critical thinking and writing skills; and on developing methods for scholarly research within the field.
Course Requirements
Class attendance is required. Students will also be required to write four short papers (30%), participate in class and present their work (40%), and write a final paper (15-20 pages) (30%). Late papers will not be accepted.
Please note: This course has a very long reading list. Be aware that it will require a good deal of out-of-class preparation time!