Fall 2020

ARC327R (00745), ARC386M (01035), CRP386 (01395), LAR388 (01620)


This graduate seminar examines the search to establish new sustainable communities, - environments that are livable, humane, accessible, compact, integrated, resourceful, and with low carbon footprint.  As such, designed neighborhoods should also offer delight, be supportive of children, and built to last.  The seminar therefore looks at the ideals, theories, and principles that people have held in the belief that a designed community is preferable to random incremental growth, commonly referred to as sprawl, or spec housing.  These experiments act as models of “ideal” layout and design.
The seminar is structured in three sections, each reviewed against an economic, social, and political context: Early Model Settlements; Late 20th Century Settlements; and New Housing and New Communities.
Focus throughout is placed upon a close examination of case studies, the final assignment being a design proposal based on insights from the studied housing and communities. Emphasis will be placed on designed projects within London, and its wider region.