Fall 2020

CRP 386 (01420)

This course is intended to assist graduate students in writing a professional report, thesis or dissertation proposal.  A proposal is the first step in a process that results in original research.  The proposal should link theory, design, method, evidence and argument.   As emerging scholars and future practitioners, understanding how to design a research strategy that is rigorous, replicable, and meaningful is fundamental to your futures.  For practitioners, the move to evidence-based assessment of planning and design alternatives and the use of best available science requires that you be able to evaluate the evidence, analyses and arguments.  For scholars, being able to formulate researchable questions and hypotheses, select methodological strategies that allow analyses of the questions, and construct effective analytic narratives is essential to intellectual rigor and credible research.  Writing your proposal is your first academic opportunity to become familiar with the research design process, to obtain feedback and refine your ideas.