Fall 2021

ARC 381D (01035) ARI 381D (00390) LAR 381D (01750)
Architectural Drawing is a graduate-level course offered to first-year architecture and interior design students in the School of Architecture with no or limited academic background in the field.
The course covers major issues related to drawing, including primary drawing types and conventions such as orthographic projection, paraline projection and perspective. Both freehand and constructed drawings will be utilized in the course. Drawing is approached as a form of thinking, and the course as such provides foundational skills that are needed to effectively generate, explore, visualize, and communicate ideas through design.
All assigned exercises reinforce three-dimensional visualization and feature a design component that requires in-depth exploration within given parameters. Digital and hybridized drawing techniques will be discussed during the course of the semester. Students are expected to maintain a daily sketchbook and take notes during lectures. Weekly projects will be given related to course material presented in class. Students are expected to prepare these exercises outside of class time. Teaching assistants will work closely with the students and provide guidance with the weekly assignments.