Fall 2021

ARC 385T (01075) 
T 8am-11am


This course provides an introduction to architectural materials conservation, focusing on laboratory examination and testing of traditional building materials. Classroom lectures will review the physical and chemical properties of masonry and concrete, metals, mortars, wood, paints and coatings and other materials. In addition to the classroom lectures, the course includes laboratory exercises to familiarize students with basic techniques used in materials conservation, including microscopy, wood identification and examination of paints and mortars. Lab sessions are held in the Architectural Conservation Laboratory in West Mall Building. Each student is required to keep a laboratory notebook with records of examination and testing conducted during the semester. Laboratory reports are required for several lab exercises. Assignments include an independent project to evaluate materials from an historic site. In addition to collecting samples, students will gain experience in conducting tests to identify materials, measure properties and evaluate treatments, repairs or replacement.