Fall 2021

ARC 327R (00800) ARC 386M (01135) LAR 388 (01820)

F 9am-12pm

The itinerary, or “tour,” documents, or proposes, a journey. It includes places visited, actual and figurative, situated within a narrative of connected events and experiences. Rather than autonomous measures, as presented in the “map,” space and time are embedded in a complex, operational structure.


The seminar will explore the itinerary as an approach to spatial representation. Students will be introduced to texts (philosophy, travel journals, narratives) and images (maps) to cultivate informed investigations of representation. Cartographic resources at the Harry Ransom Center and the Benson Latin American Collection will be referenced. Since this course draws from an array of information, I will try to provide you with selective texts that introduce you to the subjects rather than define them. Paralleling the readings, archive visits and discussions will be a sustained “drawing” project as a means for each student to develop a journey of their own.


The course is positioned as a collection of questions rather than an answers. It is a speculation – the forming of a theory or conjecture without firm evidence– primarily through drawing. Structured as a “lab” (a space equipped and positioned for experimentation), we will focus on how to practice or test the information absorbed. The products, whether essays or drawings, are directed toward discovery, or invention, rather than solely reiterating what we have read/seen. The intent is to habitually occupy a world of indeterminacy each week in order to make/think things
we don’t often have time for… to wonder (wander) about the world.


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