Spring 2017

CRP 385C ACTION INQUIRY AND DESIGN (01640, Wilson, P., W3:30-6:30)
Doing research and design with a community, organization, stakeholders or end users

WHAT IS IT? Action Inquiry is a methodology for engaging multiple participants in a process of discovery through rapid feedback loops of action and dialogue. It includes a family of methods known as Action Research, Action Learning, Participative Inquiry, and Participatory Action Research (PAR). Incorporating elements of systems thinking and design thinking, Action Inquiry is practical, creative, and often transformative, especially in contexts of social complexity.

FOR WHOM AND WHY? The course provides the student a solid grounding in the conceptual understanding and practical application of Action Inquiry. In addition to reading the key authors and cases in the Action Inquiry literature, students learn methods for designing and conducting an Action Inquiry project. Graduate students in any field who are contemplating an Action Inquiry project for their thesis or dissertation will find this course of particular relevance.

WHAT'S EXPECTED? The weekly three hour class sessions involve guided discussion of the readings, a project design exercise, and introduction of a new tool or method. For the final semester project the student may choose to review an aspect of the Action Inquiry literature, design an Action Inquiry project, or do a case study assessing an actual Action Inquiry project.

Class size limited to 12 graduate students. Further information: patriciawilson@utexas.edu