Spring 2017

Malaysia Biennial 100YC: Medini 2017

This studio will explore the overlap between continuous organizational systems and discrete objects, both key elements that contribute to the identity and diversity of a city. Students will speculate on what the city of the future, 100 years from now, will be and how future technologies, mobility networks, and globalization will affect the future growth and development of cities. Using growth as a design ethos, students will generate new organizational systems for the Medini Iskandar region of Southeastern Malaysia. From a new organizational plan of the city, students will further generate discrete elements, including buildings, open spaces and wayfinding structures, within a more fluid meshwork of transportation lines, infrastructure, and natural landforms. Buildings will be designed using a similar methodology as the urban plan, assuring a synthetic relationship between the two and from one student’s project to the next. Though each student will work individually, the final city of the future will be the product of a shared language resulting in a project whole that is much greater than the individual parts.