Spring 2020

TH 12:30-3:30pm in WMB 5.102
ARC 342D, ARC 395D
Instructor: Dr. Anthony Alofsin, FAIA
For advanced undergraduates and graduate students enrolled throughout the University. This course is not intended to fulfill the University’s undergraduate writing component. Maximum class size: open. A basic knowledge of the history of modern architecture is preferable but not required.
Course Format:
There are many ways to look at the history of architecture. This lecture course is intended use the work of Frank Lloyd Wright to explore his designs, methods, and the theories supporting them.  While the course includes a broad over of Frank Lloyd Wright’s work, it focuses on analysis of his designs and ideas and their potential for SUSTAINABILITY. It will include a broad overview of Frank Lloyd Wright's work. Students will obtain a familiarity with Wright's work, an introduction to concepts of organic design, and a synthetic definition of architectural modernism. The themes of the course will be explored through a series of analytical exercises. Examples of organic architecture by other architects may also be considered as variation interpretations of organic design.  Requirements, assignments, and lecture schedule may change as a function of class size, class composition, and the availability of graders or Teaching Assistants.
Educational Objectives:
The course intends to present a monographic, analytical approach to the work of a major cultural figure and the phenomenon of modernism; to develop the student's ability to pursue primary research; to develop a method of investigation that has general applicability; and to familiarize the student with principles of the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright.
Grades will be based on class attendance, participation and quizzes; (ten percent); assigned projects (ninety-percent). In the case of group projects, students should discuss any particular concepts about credit for work with the instructor during the semester. Pluses and minus will be used with letter grades as permitted by University rules.  See syllabus for updated details.
Special accommodations
At the beginning of the semester, students with disabilities who need special accommodations should notify the instructor by presenting a letter prepared by the Services for Students with Disabilities Office. To ensure that the most appropriate accommodations can be provided, students should contact the SSD Office at 471-6259 or 471-4641 TTY.
Texts: (required):

  • Wright and New York: The Making of America’s Architect (ISBN-13: 978-0300238853)
  • Frank Lloyd Wright: the Lost Years (facsimile reprint edition).

·Drawings and Plans of Frank Lloyd Wright: The Early Period (1893-1909) (Dover Architecture). [Wasmuth folios]