Spring 2020

Spring 2020                  
GERMAN MODERNISM                                                       


ARC 342R / ARC 388R 
Time and Place: T Th 12:30-2:00
BTL 101


Instructor:  Dr. Christopher Long
Office: Sutton Hall 4.104 
Office hours:  T Th 10-11 and by appointment
Tel.: 512.232.4084
E-mail: chrlong@mail.utexas.edu


Prerequisites: SOA students must have completed Surveys 1 and 2. Upper-division undergraduate and graduate students from other departments are welcome to enroll with the consent of the instructor.


Description: This course will explore the history of architecture in Germany from 1890-1940, with glances at the periods both before and after. In addition to examining the work and ideas of such well-known figures as Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Erich Mendelsohn, and Walter Gropius, we will also discuss the contributions of many lesser architects, including Heinrich Tessenow, Bruno Taut, and Hugo Häring. The course will be conducted as a lecture, with occasional discussions.
Course Requirements: Grades will be based on a mid-term examination (40%), and a final research paper (for undergraduates, 8-10 pages, for graduate students, 14-16 pages; 60%). 


Required Readings:
Barbara Miller Lane, Architecture and Politics in Germany, 1918-1945. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 1985. ISBN: 0674043707 pbk.
Hermann Muthesius, Style-Architecture and Building-Art. Los Angeles: Getty Research Institute, 2000. ISBN 0-89236-283-9 pbk.
Franz Schulze, Mies van der Rohe: A Critical Biography. Chicago and London: Univeristy of Chicago Press, 1995.  ISBN: 022674060-9 pbk.
plus an additional course packet of articles