Spring 2020

CRP 385C

This course explores the social, political, and economic implications of sports stadiums and arenas in the US. It draws on urban planning and social science theory to examine how and why cities plan them, how they are sites of contested power and resistance, and why both these questions have racial meaning. The course is divided into three parts. Part I focuses on the sports stadium planning process, including the policies and economic rationales that are deployed in their development. Part II examines stadium and arena design, including the resources involved in their operation and maintenance. Part III focuses on stadium and arena use by athletes, spectators, organizational leaders and staff. Students will have the opportunity to explore the course material through an analysis of a hometown stadium or arena of their choosing (e.g., a high school stadium, an NBA arena). Course content and assignments will also revolve around the planning of Austin’s FC stadium, scheduled to open in 2021.