Spring 2021

ARC 361T (01070) ARC 381T (01105) 
In this class you will continue to integrate digital tools into your design process. We will use 2D, 3D and BIM software to develop and document various projects. We will concurrently review various standards for representation in both the classroom and office environments. Topics will include drawing set organization, office standards, estimating techniques, and data organization as they relate to both Building Information Modeling and Professional Practice.

During the first half of the semester we will move through a series of technical and graphic representation exercises designed to develop your skills while reinforcing the organizing principles of parametric model creation and representation. We will explore the implementation of data driven design and Building Information Modeling.

During the second half of the semester we will work on an assigned project. We will have group reviews covering specific drawings including: diagrams, plan, section, detail, schedules and perspective views. These pin-ups will focus on the ability of the drawings to illustrate, focus, and clarify your design intentions.

You may use the program of your choice to represent your design. You must show proficiency in BIM through completion of the assignments. By the end of the semester you will be able to design, model, render and represent your project intent through efficient aesthetic and technical presentation. You will also show a clear understanding of drawing set organization, data organization, and data representation.