Spring 2022

ARC 342R (00833) ARC 388R (01063)

This course is open to graduate students and upper-level undergraduate students, including  MLA, M.Arch, B.Arch, Urban Studies, B.A, B.S, and M.A, Ph.D students.
Course Description:
The course will introduce students to the historical development of Italian architecture and its influence today. Like Janus, Roman god of beginnings, transitions and passages, the course will explore the past in order to understand the future of design.
Subjects range from ancient Rome’s construction innovations of arches, vaults, domes and city planning to the rebirth of classical orders during the Renaissance to contemporary Italian movements of Futurism and Rationalism. Topics will explore the writings from Vitruvius, Alberti and Palladio to the contemporary manifestos of Antonio Sant’Elia, Giuseppe Terragni, Aldo Rossi and Gruppo 7.
Lecture subjects will also address the influence of travel in transmitting Italy’s influence through the Grand Tour (17c. to 18c.) as well as travel by contemporary architects (including Louis Kahn and his discovery of Roman ruins, Robert Venturi and his longstanding relationship with Rome, Le Corbusier's journey to east). The course will include the role of Andrea Palladio, through the legacy of Vitruvius, in disseminating his ideas.
Course Objectives:
This class encourages students to understand the importance of Italian history, as a conceptual framework informing new design thinking.
Course Requirements:
The class includes lectures, readings, in class-discussions, presentations and a final paper on individual student research topic.