Summer 2016

This seminar will pursue an inquiry into the private geometries of experience and  imagination.  The inquiry will examine the form making criteria that influence the assembly of view and prospect as it relates to fostering the  imagination and the experience of place in architectural projects, and cultural landscapes. The inquiry will disassemble, from precedents, points of prospect and the lines of passage, in an effort to reveal the volume, enclosure, duration, pictorial composition, and the physical elements of  interpretation that prompt private imaginations and define place.  The discussion will target the primary spatial elements, relational models and design operations that generate space and foster historic imaginings.

The seminar will engage frameworks of  design practice that position the closed or formal systems of the historical, interpretative, or physical context within the open or dynamic systems with the larger context. Restated, the seminar will work within the closed or formal systems; for within those points the spatiall narrative is revealed and imagination is geographically located.

Seminar readings will pull heavily from cultural geography with author such as Yi Fu Tuan and JB Jackson; revisit Vitruvius and the Vitruvian Myth as told by Robert Dripps; balanced by more recent writings of RE Somol, Peter Eisenman and James Corner.  The seminar will examine in detail projects by Carlo Scarpa, Luis Barragan, Peter Zumthor, Sverre Fhen and Michael Van Valkenburgh, and Kathryn Gustafson in parallel to individual research and presentations by seminar participants.