Summer 2019

This studio will interrogate the intersections between the historic and the contemporary. We will focus on design questions that emerge when reinterpreting our past while addressing twenty-first century needs and trends. After a conceptual exercise where you will investigate the notion of “intervention” the main project for the studio will look closely at Mission San Jose in San Antonio Texas where you will develop an architectural “intervention.” The studio will call for different set of sensibilities and attitudes towards design asking you to draw inspiration from history in order to address how continuity or disruption can be instigators of architecture. The studio will make emphasis on achieving a resolution of the spatial and structural relationships that manifest when merging the new and the old . You will be asked to demonstrate how your design decisions are about the internal logics and constructions that co-exist as an exchange between scales and systems, between materials and structure, between publics and culture, and the conditions, histories, and constitutions of the city in which they live in.