Summer 2019

This course surveys transportation problems, planning practice, and policy issues in the international setting with an emphasis on the developing countries, particularly focusing on China. We will take a case study approach, in a workshop format, reviewing the experience across a wide range of economies. A planning workshop in July 13-27, 2019 in China is the core part of the course. We will learn from experiencing, observing, participating, and exchanging. This year the client city is Beijing. Beijing, Tianjin (the client city of the 2018 China Planning workshop), and Hebei Province together form the Jing-Jin-Ji Megaregion, one of the three growth engines driving China’s fast urbanization in the past four decades. The project site is located in the XiZhiMen area where Beijing North Railway Station, Metro Lines #2 and #4, and Light Rail Line #13 meet. Six universities will join the 2019 China Planning Workshop: China Renmin University (host), the University of Texas at Austin (USA), Tianjin University (Tianjin, China), Wuhan University (Hubei Province, China), Fuzhou University (Fujian Province, China), and Cardiff University (UK). Details on project site and tasks will be available by June 2019.