Summer 2021

This is a web-based course offered in the second summer session. CRP s390 (70690)


Planning is all about shaping our shared future in positive ways, but the best laid plans are often never implemented. No one wants to spend the time and effort birthing a transformational plan, policy, or program only to see it languishing on the proverbial shelf. Together, we will learn how to undertake planning efforts with an eye toward successful implementation. We will hear first-hand accounts of planning practitioners and political operatives, and analyze recent planning successes and failures in order to understand the intersection of planning practice and politics. The goal is to better ensure that our vision for a better future actually has a shot of becoming real.


Learning Objectives

  • Develop an understanding of several process and political factors which may contribute to planning efforts failing to be successfully initiated, completed, or implemented
  • Develop awareness of strategies and actions that may increase the likelihood of successful planning efforts
  • Awareness of how political dynamics may impact planning efforts and successful implementation