Summer 2021

ARC w561R (70440) ARC w696 (70510) ARI w560R (70315) ARI w696 (70325)


What is the architecture of a "one-night stay?"

During the 2nd summer session, this advanced studio, INSIDE-OUT, will focus on the poetics of the habitual –the frequent, the regular and the everyday– with a particular emphasis on the interior. We will examine seemingly dialectical –and often biased– set of relationships, including temporary versus permanent, interior versus exterior and so on, to discover an (interior) architecture not exclusively founded on the authority of form, space and/or permanence. In doing so, we will design from the INSIDE-OUT across scales: the artifact(s), the room and the motel.
This is a whole session summer studio with the first half taught by Stephanie Choi and the second half by Nichole Wiedemann.