1.23.17 to 8.18.17

In August 2015—with support from the school's Boone Powell Prize in Urban Design—Haley Fitzpatrick traveled to Iceland to "...study how tourism was affecting projected urbanization, cultural identity and resource capacity, specifically along the coastal settlements." The ... read more

2.13.17 to 8.18.17

In December 2016-January 2017, Danae Notgrass, BSID 2017, traveled to El Alto, Bolivia—with support from the School of Architecture Travel Scholarship Program—to document buildings designed by Freddy Mamani Silvestre. The photographs featured in this exhibition represent ... read more

2.27.17 to 8.7.17

The Architecture & Planning Library and the Alexander Architectural Archives will recognize the 80th anniversary of The University of Texas Tower’s dedication by featuring the iconic structure in its fifth installment of the To Better Know a Building ... read more


The School of Architecture will host an Open House for admitted graduate students on March 24, 2017. Invitations follow admission notifications.

A schedule of events will be available in the spring. read more



In various booming US cities, concerns have arisen in local debates on housing affordability and its relationship to housing production about "owner unoccupied housing." I define owner unoccupied housing as housing units that sit ... read more


The Graduate School of Architecture Representative Council [GSARC] is excited to announce the 6th annual Research Roundup, a student-led symposium ... read more