Importance of Studio Pre-Pregistration

It is our policy that students must pre-register into the appropriate studio "container section" for the type of studio they plan to take in the next semester. 

We use pre-registration numbers to estimate lottery participation and studio registration, so it is imperative for students to pre-register into the type of studio they plan to take in the next semester.

It is the student's responsibility to pre-register into the appropriate container section by the end of pre-registration.

If the student is unable to pre-register into a container section by the end of pre-registration, the student must contact the appropriate administrator to be manually added to the lottery estimate.

If the students fails to pre-register into a container section, the student may still participate in the lottery. However, the student will only be placed in a studio as space allows. 

If the student fails to pre-register, it is a distinct possibility that the student will not be able to take a studio in the next semester.

M Arch I Integrative Studio Pre-Registration 

Beginning with the 2017-2018 academic year, Integrative Advanced Studios (required for graduate M Arch I students) will be offered through the Advanced Studio lottery process on the following cycle:


Two Integrative Advanced Studios (graduate)
One Comprehensive Advanced Studio (undergraduate) 


One Integrative Advanced Studio (graduate)
Two Comprehensive Advanced Studios (undergraduate) 

Admittance to these studios will be through the normal lottery process and is not guaranteed unless the student is in the final semester of your degree program.

If a student hopes to take Integrative or Comprehensive studio, pre-register into the appropriate Integrative or Comprehensive container section. The opportunity to identify a preferred partner will be made available on the studio lottery form and mutually identified partners will be accommodated where possible; however, admission to the Comprehensive and Integrative studios will be officially offered on an individual basis.  

PLEASE NOTE: Students who pre-register into the Integrative or Comprehensive container sections will not be permitted to also participate in the Advanced Design studio lottery.