The School of Architecture adheres to the procedures for academic related grievances found in the university’s General Information Catalog.

First Step | Course Instructor

The student contacts the course instructor to discuss the grade dispute. The instructor may ask the student for additional materials, as necessary, in an effort to resolve the dispute. If the grade dispute remains unresolved, the student may initiate the second step of the grade dispute process.

Second Step |  Designated Administrator

The student may bring the grade dispute in writing to the designated administrator of the department offering the course. The designated administrator has the discretion to hear the grade dispute in person or to consider only written materials. The designated administrator may require additional information as necessary. If the grade dispute remains unresolved, the student has the option to appeal that decision to the Dean of the School of Architecture.

Third Step |  Dean

Students wishing to appeal to the Dean are required to submit the Grade Dispute Form and provide supporting documentation as listed on the form. The Dean will review the documents and may contact the student or instructor to obtain additional information. Once the review is complete, the Dean will notify the student of the decision using a Secure Academic Note (SAN). The Dean will render the final decision. A grade will not be changed by the Designated Administrator and/or Dean without first consulting with and fully considering the position of the course instructor. The instructor shall be fully advised as to the resolution of the grade dispute.

For more information about grade disputes, please contact the Office of the Ombudsperson.