Today's Hybrid Reviews Include:

Advanced Architecture Studio Michael Benedikt
Advanced Interior Design Studio Lysa Janssen
Advanced Landscape Architecture Studio Bruce Sharky + Adam Barbe

Advanced Architecture Studio - The New Ney

Instructor: Michael Benedikt

Elisabet Ney was a wildly iconoclastic German sculptor who moved to Austin in 1882 and died in 1907. She was a liberated artist at a time when few women could be—an artist, moreover, working in the "man's medium" of stone. She reached considerable renown. The Elisabet Ney Museum is her historic home and studio. Situated in Hyde Park on an acre of land bisected by Waller Creek, it celebrates her art (neoclassical portrait sculpture), her story, and her legacy.
Our project will be to design a new, roughly 20,000 s.f. museum adjacent to the existing one, which extends the genre into the present. We will call it "The Elisabet Ney Museum of Figurative and Portrait Sculpture," or "The New Ney" for short. The New Ney will show Modern and contemporary figurative and portrait sculpture outdoors and indoors under basically natural light as well as in projective and holographic installations. A second, existing building on the site—called "the Lodge" and now a storehouse—will be converted into a theater focusing on biographical drama.

Advanced Interior Design Studio - ID Rocks!

Instructor: Lysa Janssen

The site of this studio will be in Grand Teton National Park. Using an existing building students will create a Rock and Mineral Visitor Center showcasing the geological story and physical rock and mineral specimens of the Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park areas. Students will begin the semester researching the history of our National Parks, from the establishment of Yellowstone in 1872 to the expansion of additional parks and monuments administered by the Department of Interior, the history of park architecture such as the grand lodges built by the Union Pacific Railroad and the Parkitecture made famous by Gilbert Stanley Underwood, as well as Mission 66 and more contemporary park structures. Likewise, additional precedents of ecotourism, naturalism, universal aesthetic accessibility, and museum and educational displays will be analyzed as precedents.
Layered into these investigations will be the study of basic principles of igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rock formation, processes such as plate tectonics, volcanology, weathering, glaciation, and mineralization, and rock formation, processes such as plate tectonics, volcanology, weathering, glaciation, and mineralization, and the geological wonders specific to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone. Using the earth's materials as inspiration, students will explore relationships between organic and inorganic and spatial features that communicate time, scale, and dynamic systems to develop concepts for FF&E, form making, patterning, texture, and materiality in the design of an interior landscape for their Rock and Mineral Center.

Advanced Landscape Architecture Studio - Supra Surface and the Megastructure

Instructors: Bruce Sharkey + Adam Barbe

The focus of the studio is landscape site planning for a complex of a medium-size campus of uses (education, commercial, business, and housing). Students will explore the application of green infrastructure methods including stormwater management. Students develop a site master plan for a proposed professional soccer stadium and complimentary program facilities (hotels, restaurants, commercial properties, parking, and landscape open space) in a historic district adjacent to downtown Albuquerque, NM. The proposed site is located adjacent to the historic Santa Fe Railroad Yards and will propose uses for one or several of the now abandoned industrial buildings.