Today's Hybrid Reviews Include:

Advanced Architecture Studio Rasa Navasaityte
Interior Design Core I Clay Odom

Advanced Architecture Studio - Planting Urban Cycles: New Models of Co-Habitation for Austin

Instructor: Rasa Navasaityte

What makes diverse urban environments so desirable, and fascinating are the interactions that happen with different communities living under one common place. A densified neighborhood increases the opportunities for collaboration and provides better access to resources all within walking distance. An integrated lifestyle shortens carbon footprints
Through research by design, this studio investigates the ways architecture can help create close-knit communities. We see buildings as a device to plant new cycles of cohabitation--models for fully integrated living, together with diverse programs and green spaces that include people, machines, plants, gardens, or animals. We take Austin’s upcoming public railway project as an opportunity to expose new models of cohabitation within the context of Austin.

Interior Design Core I - Interiorities: Design for Relations "Between" and Making "With"

Instructor: Clay Odom

In this studio, students look at all of the issues that center interaction and relation as driving factors for considering and designing space, form, use, and experience. Given the radical interiority of the COVID era and the complete recalibration of our daily lives, we must also consider the deep question of what community means. What might it mean to not only design for, but to make with others? This includes making with other people, but also how we make with contexts and with living things that are not human. How might this change how we think about the process of design and ultimately the profession of the interior designer?