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2023 Meadows Symposium Explores Landscape Architecture's Potential to Shape a New Socio-ecological Ethos

February 13, 2023
Featuring Diane Jones Allen, Alison B. Hirsch, Catherine Seavitt Nordenson, and Margie Ruddick.
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‘I’ll call an Uber or 911’: Why Gen Z doesn’t want to drive

February 13, 2023
The Washington Post interviews Professor Ming Zhang about a recent study that found Millenials drive less than members of Generation X and baby boomers.
A row of students seen interacting with employers at 2023 Career Fair

What Starts Here: Highlights from Career Fair

February 10, 2023
Hundreds of students, employers, and alumni build connections as students explore internship and employment opportunities at the 2023 Career Fair
Rows of Black students smiling at the camera in a sepia-toned image

Celebrating Black History Month at UT Austin

February 3, 2023
School of Architecture highlights include a lecture by Charles L. Davis, Tara A. Dudley's upcoming "For Whites" exhibition, and Dudley's exploration of the contested history of UT Austin's built environment.
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Q&A with Tyler Swingle

January 31, 2023
Learn more about our 2022-24 Emerging Scholar in Design Fellow Tyler Swingle.
Sunny view of the facade of Sutton Hall

Spring 2023 Planning Adjunct and Visiting Faculty

January 30, 2023
Each brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the program, complementing the school's existing research and scholarship.
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Spring 2023 Visiting Faculty

January 18, 2023
Joining us are Dwayne Oyler and Jenny Wu, Alex Schweder, Jonathon Anderson, and Dr. Nelly Robles Garcia.
Spring 2023 Lecture Series poster

Spring 2023 Public Programming

January 13, 2023
This semester's public programming builds on the school’s ongoing exploration of issues vital to the study and practice of architecture, design, and the built environment. Starting Wednesday, January 18, speakers representing a broad cross-section of cultural practices will present lectures that address contemporary topics like housing, social equity, and the impact of technology on our fields.
Cars in traffic on a Texas highway

What does a population boom mean for Texas housing and infrastructure?

January 11, 2023
Via the Texas Standard: As Texas passes the 30 million population mark, Associate Professor Jake Wegmann lends insight into what this means for the state's infrastructure and rising housing costs.
Overhead map of the Austin Round Rock MSA indicating number of jobs accessible in a given area with red indicating a high density of jobs, green a low density

Accessibility Measures in Practice: A Guide for Transportation Agencies

January 9, 2023
New report provides transportation planning practitioners with a step-by-step approach for incorporating accessibility measures into different decision-making contexts.
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Wen (Aya) Wen // MARVEL

January 3, 2023
PRP Now! is a series of interviews that highlight a current UTSOA Professional Residency Program student every few weeks.
Outlines of buildings drawn on a prairie landscape with silhouetted figures

Redrawing Connections: Design Advocacy in Section

December 14, 2022
Assistant Professor Maggie Hansen considers the overlap of policy and design in landscape architecture, using recent design studios as a case study. This article originally appeared in the 2022-2023 edition of Platform, "Teaching for Next."
Junfeng Jiao and Dean Michelle Addington at the ribbon cutting event for the Georgian Acres Smart Mobility Hub

Planting Transportation Seeds in An Urban Desert

December 13, 2022
A new mobility hub in the Georgian Acres neighborhood is providing much-needed transportation services to a community living in a ‘transit desert’ and may serve as a useful blueprint for urban areas in need of similar essential services.
An Urban block in Vienna designed by Vienna and its data. Co-authored with Midjourney AI, Daniel Koehler, and an uncountable number of situations tagged as Viennese in photos.

Studying Architecture After AI

December 12, 2022
Assistant Professor Daniel Koehler explores artificial intelligence in the context of teaching in design studios. This article originally appeared in the 2022-2023 edition of Platform, "Teaching for Next."
Student portfolios laid out on a table

Professional Residency Program: Expected Objectives and Some Unexpected Outcomes

December 11, 2022
Associate Professor Nichole Wiedemann considers the school’s nearly fifty-year-old Professional Residency Program. This article originally appeared in the 2022-2023 edition of Platform, "Teaching for Next."
View of ongoing construction at the Library Building around 1911

Race and Architecture at UT: Researching and Teaching Difficult and Contested Histories in the Built Environment

December 10, 2022
Assistant Professor Tara A. Dudley explores Battle Hall’s racialized past and Dr. Dudley’s approach to researching, teaching, and preserving that difficult history. This article originally appeared in the 2022-2023 edition of Platform, "Teaching for Next."
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Erick Vernon-Galindo // KieranTimberlake

December 9, 2022
PRP Now! is a series of interviews that highlight a current UTSOA Professional Residency Program student every few weeks.
Platform Teaching for Next held up in front of fall foliage outside the School of Architecture

Platform “Teaching for Next” Considers Pedagogy in the Context of Unprecedented Change

December 6, 2022
Essays reveal the myriad ways we teach and think about teaching, and how these contribute to larger conversations about teaching today and in the future.