General Questions for the School of Architecture

  1. What should be included in the portfolio?

    Provide work that demonstrates the ability to take an idea and adeptly convey it visually. Include a wide range of drawings, such as landscapes, human figures, and perspectives. Hand drawings, particularly gestural drawings, are strongly encouraged.

  2. Where can I find information about landscape architecture as a profession?

    While graduates go on to pursue a variety of different professions, visiting with a practicing landscape architect is one way to get a sense of the day to day of the profession. Beyond this, visit our list of professional links:

  3. What might I study to prepare me for the program?

    There is not a specific undergraduate degree requirement. Typically, students enter the program with a background in fine arts, literature, engineering, natural sciences, and social sciences.

  4. How much is tuition?

    For current tuition rates, visit the Tuition Dollars and Sense page. Refer to the figures under the Architecture column.

  5. Are there teaching or research assistant positions available within the MLA program?

    Yes, but please be advised that first-semester graduate students do not typically hold assistantship positions. For more information, see the Graduate Admissions FAQ.