DEADLINE to deadline to UPLOAD/SUBMIT ALL OTHER APPLICATION MATERIALS [ statement, resume, letters] January 4, 2022 at 8:00 AM (CST)

Application information

[  ] Follow the application instructions for all UTSOA graduate programs.

[  ] See below for MSCRP application requirements.

[  ] DUAL DEGREE APPLICANTS: To apply for admission to an MSCRP dual degree program, an applicant must select the correct dual degree program on the ApplyTexas application, follow the application instructions for each degree program, and meet all application deadlines for each degree program.

Graduate School requirements

[  ] Follow the Graduate School instructions to submit the application, application fee, transcripts, and test scores. Applicants should submit a GRE score.The GRE is **WAIVED** for Fall 2022 applications. It may take 72 hours to be removed from your MyStatus after you submit your application. There is no reason to reach out in the interim. 

Statement of purpose

[  ] Upload your statement through MyStatus.

+ Submit a 1,000-1,500 word essay describing your reasons for pursuing graduate study in planning and your academic and professional interests and goals.

+ You may submit your ApplyTexas online application before finishing your statement of purpose. You can later upload your statement through MyStatus.

Three letters of recommendation

[  ] Manage and track your letters through MyStatus.

[  ] Provide recommenders' emails as part of the ApplyTexas online application.

+ Letters from supervisors in academic or work settings emphasizing intellectual, communicative, and leadership abilities, maturity, and ability to work well with others;may include former instructors and professional employers.

+ After you submit your application and pay your application fee, notification emails will be sent to your recommenders. Any delay in submitting your application or application fee will delay the notifications to your recommenders.

Résumé or Curriculum Vitae

[  ] Upload through MyStatus

+ Emphasize life and work experiences complementary to urban and regional planning activities.

[optional] Writing sample

[  ]  Upload as a miscellaneous document through MyStatus.

+ This document should demonstrate your analytical writing and reasoning skills.

+ It does not need to be lengthy (most submissions range 5-10 pages), but it should clearly focus on a single topic.