The principal duty of a TA is to help faculty with the conduct and delivery of courses. Services provided by teaching assistants include, but are not limited to, grading, monitoring, leading lab and/or discussion sessions, offering office hour assistance to students, and performing clerical tasks associated with course instruction. 

Teaching Assistants are supervised by the course instructor of record and are subject to established departmental policies on student academic employment. Interested parties should complete a TA application for consideration.


TA applications are distributed via the School of Architecture student email list and reviewed once in the fall. 


Prior conduct or disciplinary history with the Office of the Dean of Students or the School of Architecture may make a student ineligible to serve as a TA. The School of Architecture reserves the right to deny an appointment. Acceptance is provisionary until the student has been cleared by Student Conduct and Academic Integrity and the Office of the Dean of Students. This applies to both disciplinary and academic dishonesty rulings.

Any student on disciplinary probation, deferred suspension, or suspension at the time of application or prior to appointment may not be eligible appointed as a TA until the review of the incident with the DOS is resolved. Students on academic probation for good cause may be restricted from application or appointment based on the level of the infraction.

It must be noted that if a student is under investigation by the DOS, including a Title IX investigation, they are considered to be in good standing until a disciplinary decision determines that they are not in good academic standing. Students applying to TA under these conditions may be required to meet with representatives from the SOA and SCAI prior to their appointment.


To accept a TA offer, complete and submit the TA agreement


The SOA requires TAs to use official email addresses to conduct official University business.


A TA must meet the following criteria, per the Graduate School's Conditions for Student Employment:

  • Have a Social Security Number, be eligible to work in the U.S., and have an I-9 on file with HR. (Contact the Graduate Admissions and Scholarship Coordinator for more information)

  • Be a degree-seeking graduate student who is making satisfactory progress toward a graduate degree without existing conditional admission requirements imposed by the Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies.

  • Remain registered for at least nine (9) semester hours of course work in the long semesters (enrollment in three (3) semester hours of course work is required for students holding summer assignments). This does not include enrollment in University Extension courses.

  • Maintain at least a 3.0 graduate grade-point average.

  • ​Successfully pass a criminal background check. For information about how our office of Human Resources reviews criminal history background checks, please visit the Human Resources website. 

In addition, the student must not have more than:

  • two grades of X (temporary incomplete), or

  • one grade of X and one grade of I (permanent incomplete).


International students must pass the International Teaching Assistant English Certification (ITA) before submitting a TA application to be eligible to apply for a TA position. Contact the Graduate Admissions and Scholarship Coordinator if you wish to register to take the ITA test. Please also see the Social Security Number requirement listed below. 

A Social Security Number (SSN) is needed to facilitate employment in the U.S., including student employment, and to file a U.S. tax return. Please refer to the International Office to determine your SSN eligibility and for instructions on how to obtain one. Please note that it may take 4 - 6 weeks to receive your SSN. 

For more information please consult the Handbook of Operating Procedures 9-2020.


TA assignments are made on a per-semester basis. Fall dates are September 1-January 15; dates for spring are January 16-May 31; dates for summer are June 1-July 15 and July 16-August 31. Graduating international students may not work past the last class day of their final semester due to visa regulations unless they have obtained an extension of work authorization through International Student and Scholar Services.


Graduate students may work no more than 20 hrs/wk in the first two long-semesters of study at the university, and no more than 30 hrs/wk in any combination of assignments after the first year. Students may work up to an average of 30 hours/week during the 12-week summer period. International students may work up to 20 hrs/wk during the fall and spring semesters, and up to an average of 30 hrs/wk during the 12-week summer period.


TAs are paid monthly at the standard rate set by the School of Architecture in conjunction with HR guidelines. The rates are $4,624/semester for appointments of 20 hrs/wk and $2,312/semester for appointments of 10 hrs/wk. Summer rates are $1,541/session for appointments of 20 hrs/wk and $770/session for appointments of 10 hrs/wk.


Students assigned at least 20 hours per week to a single TA assignment or to a combination of eligible titles (GRA, TA, AI, Assistant (Graduate), etc.) totaling 20 hours per week, and for at least 4.5 consecutive months (usually one long semester), are eligible for basic insurance benefits. Dental, vision, coverage of eligible dependents, and other optional/elective benefits are available at an additional cost to the student, and must be signed up for within the first 31 days of employment. A graduate student employee insurance orientation is available through UT Learn.

Out-of-state resident students appointed in benefits-eligible titles of 20 hours or more are eligible to be charged at the in-state tuition rate, and should claim a non-resident tuition waiver online.

Students employed as TAs receive a tuition reduction benefit as part of their student academic employment. The assistance amount is based on the number of hours of the TA/AI appointment and is paid on a semester basis.