The CSD offers faculty support in grant adminstration. Listed below are a number of resources to assist you in the preparation of your grant applications.  

Please contact CSD staff for tailored guidance in the grant preparation process.

SOA Research and Grant Proposal FAQs

  • Best Practices for Grant Preparation
    • This document provides detailed guidance on how to approach sponsored research as a faculty member at the University. Please consult this document whether you are applying for your first grant or whether you are a seasoned veteran.
  • Faculty Grant Preparation FAQs
    • Downloand this link for useful frequently asked questions and answers including budget preparation, indirect and overhead rates, fringe and salary calculations for faculty and GRAs, cost sharing, and more.
  • Boilerplate Information for Proposals
    • Link to Office of Sponsored Projects list of standard university information that most proposals require.
  • Office of the Vice President for Research's PI guidebook
    • The Office of the Vice President for Research has compiled the essential information that principal investigators need to navigate the UT research enterprise in the PI Book.

UT Research Offices