2019-20, 2020-21 Race & Gender in the Built Environment Fellow
-Master of Architecture, University of California Berkeley
  2013 Otto Schiebold Memorial Fellow
  2015 Outstanding Instructor Award
-Bachelor of Arts, Cornell University
Co-Editor in Chief, Room One Thousand Journal of Architecture 5.0 (2017): Print & Web. ISSN: 2328-4161

Adam’s research investigates the relationship between aesthetics, power, and identity via the lens of the queer body, queer space, and queer architecture. Adam is interested in the reflexive interaction between how the built environment shapes our visions of ourselves, our identities, and how through design we engender the environment with our own identities and value systems. Adam posits that if Architecture has performative and semiotic power, then architecture can act as a lens through which to encounter who we have become, to trace our maps, or change trajectory. Adam asks: How does architectural style confer an aesthetic value system, and how can we come to recognize and reappropriate its tools for proposing alternative ways of seeing, making, and ultimately identification? If the prevailing conception of beauty is not a reflection of how we see ourselves, whose beauty is it?

Prior to joining UT Austin, Adam taught architecture studios and history and theory at UC Berkeley, and has been an invited critic at UC Berkeley, San Jose State University, and other institutions. In Adam’s professional work as a founding member of design group Pneu-Stars, Adam has designed and built numerous installations and scene designs for Burger Records' BB festival, a trash rock music festival in Oakland, CA. Adam has worked as a design professional at envelope A+D and Sidell Pakravan Architects. As part of Adam’s research, Adam conceptualized and co-edited a 345-page collected volume of original essays, interviews, and visual work for UC Berkeley’s Architecture Journal Room One Thousand, interrogating the subject of the “Timeless” in architecture. Corollary to the volume, Adam organized a special lecture at UC Berkeley on queer architecture and color, as well as a graduate reading group session on queer studies in architecture.

photo of Adam Miller