Akik received his undergraduate degree in Urban Planning from the Center for Environmental Planning and Technology (CEPT University), India. During his undergraduate studies, he interned at various organizations such as an academic institution, transportation consultancy and private firm that dealt with research on topics like transportation and climate change. This set of experiences solidified his interest in the nexus between land-use, transportation and climate change. His bachelors’ thesis was on the study of “Impacts of public transportation on air quality (PM2.5, CO2 and NOX) through the case study of BRTS (Bus Rapid Transit Service) in Ahmedabad. Akik is focusing his graduate studies on integrating transportation and public health using tools like GIS and TransCAD. He wishes to study and support the communities that are facing challenges caused due to transformation of their built environment.


  • Bachelors in Urban Planning
  • Masters of Science in Community and Regional Planning (expected 2017)