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Dr. Danilo Udovički-Selb teaches the history and theory of architecture and architectural design. He specializes in the twentieth-century with a focus on the 1930s in the Soviet Union and France.  His most recent book includes Soviet Architectural Avant-Gardes: Architecture and Stalin's Revolution from Above:1928-1940 (London: Bloomsbury) 2020, which benefitted from a Graham Foundation award. The book represents an in-depth revision of the architectural historiography of the 1930s in the Soviet Union. He also edited a monograph Narkomfin: Moisej J. Ginzburg, and Ignatij F. Milinis1928-1930 (Berlin & Tübingen: Ernst Wasmuth Verlag) 2015

Professor Udovički-Selb was Ailsa Mellon Bruce Senior Fellow at CASVA (National Gallery of Art), in 2004. 
On the occasion of the Ninetieth Anniversary of the Soviet Avant-Garde School--the VHUTEMAS-- founded in 1919, he was invited in Moscow to join the International Committee for the Preservation of the School's Legacy.

In 2007 he entered the Editorial board of the Giornale dell’Architettura (Carlo Olmo Director) published in Turin, Italy, and has been since its special correspondent and critic for the United States.

His selected publications include a seminal essay in the December 2009 issue of the Journal of Architectural Historians, “Between Constructivism and Socialist Realism: Soviet Architectural Culture, 1928-1938;” The research on that topic was further developed in his most recent book published by Bloomsbury.  The essay “Le Corbusier and the 1937 Paris Exposition: The Temps Nouveaux Pavilion” in the Journal of Architectural Historians explored Le Corbusier's little known dealings with the government of the Front Populaire, and discovered that the author of the Pavilion itself is by Pierre Jeanneret. He also published in the Journal of Architectural Historians of June 2015 issue: "Reinventing Paris: The Competitions for the 1937 International Exposition."  A chapter, ”Between Formalism and Deconstruction: Hans Georg Gadamer’s Hermeneutics and the Aesthetics of Reception” was part of The Education of the Architect (MIT Press),  published in a Festschrift book dedicated to Stanford Anderson.  "C'était dans L’Air du Temps: Charlotte Perriand and the Popular Front," was a chapter of a book edited by Mary McLeod: Charlotte Perriand: An Art of Leaving (Abrams 2004).  Rutledge published in 2019 his chapter "Between Vanguard and Establishment: Boris Iofan's Two 'World's Fair Pavilions, Paris 1937 and New York 1939" in History of Russian Exposition and Festival Architecture: 1700-2014; The chapter "The End of World Expositions' Controlling Style: Jacques Gréber, Planner of the 1937 Paris International Exposition" was published in 2019 in  Exposições Internacionais--Entre o Jardim e a Paisagem Urbana: Do Palacio de Cristal do Porto, 1865, à Exposição de Paris,1937,  in Porto by the Fundação Seralves. In 2007, he contributed with a lead essay to the catalogue of the Centre Pompidou's major retrospective on Charlotte Perriand: "Les Engagements de Charlotte Perriand pour L’Exposition de 1937: Le Corbusier, Les Jeunes '37, le Front Populaire."  The Fondation Le Corbusier published in 2012  "Sur les Routes des Balkans: Genèse de Cinq Points de l'Architecture?" in L' Invention d'un Architecte, Le Corbusier et le "Voyage en Orient" on the occasion of the Centenary of Le Corbusier’s journey to the "Orient." In the  Journal of Contemporary History's special issue he had an essay "Facing Hitler's Pavilion: The uses of Modernity in the Soviet Pavilion, Paris 1937."  “L'Exposition de 1937 n' aura pas lieu: The Invention of the Paris International Exposition and the Soviet and German Pavilions," was a chapter in Architecture of Great Expositions (Ashgate: London), 2016.  On the 90th anniversary of the foundation of the "Soviet Bauhaus"--the Vhutemas--he had a chapter "Thе Last Public Defense of Modernism: The Lenin Library Competition" ("ВХУТЕИН и Битва за Библиотеку Именны В. И. Ленина") in a commemorative monograph Пространство ВХУТЕМАС: Традиция, Наследие, Новация (Moscow: Naučnoe Izdanie), 2012. It was followed in 2015 Moscow Festschrift dedicated, in memoriam, to the Soviet architectural historian Selim Khan-Magomedov, the initiator and central figure of the rehabilitation of the Architectural Avant-Garde in the USSR with "A Call for the Party to Defend Modern Architecture" was a chapter in Хан-Магомедовские Чтения (Мoscow-Sankt Petersburg: Kolo).  In 2008 DOCOMOMO France published "Les Constructivistes Face à Staline: Sanatoriums Méconnus des Années Trente de Moscou au Caucase," in Les Hôpitaux Modernes:  Survie et Restauration (Paris: Cité de l'Architecture / Palais de Chaillot (2007); Following a symposium at the ENSA-Versailles, a chapter "Inhabited Highways: Fitting out the Logis, Fitting out the City: Le Corbusier's 'International Laboratory of the Dwelling'" was published in Infrastructures, Villes et Territoires at L’Harmattan, Paris, 2000;  "Facing Hitler's Pavilion: the uses of Modernity in the Soviet Pavilion at the 1937 Paris Expo," in Journal of Contemporary History, London, Special issue, January 2012.  “Elusive Faces of Modernity--Between "Zachlichkeit" and the "Rappel à l'Ordre"-- Jacques Gréber and the Planning of the 1937 Paris World Fair,” in Special Issue Urban History Review / Revue d’Histoire Urbaine, Canada, March 2001.

Udovički-Selb  is faculty member of the UT Center for European Studies, and the UT Center for Russian, East-European and Eurasian Studies. He was Founder and Director in 2010 of the UT Paris Program in conjunction with the ENSA Paris-Belleville.

PhD. Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the Program of History Theory and Criticism of Architecture.
M.A. Philosophy, Boston College.
M. A. in Urban Design, University of Belgrade.
Professional Degree in Architecture, University of Belgrade


  • Professional Degree in Architecture, University of Belgrade
  • M.Arch. & Urban Design, University of Belgrade
  • M.A. Philosophy, Boston College
  • Ph.D. History, Theory, and Criticism of Architecture, M.I.T
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  • Critical History 20th Century Architecture
  • Soviet Architecture 1917-1937
  • Modernism in France 1920s-1930s
  • Italian Architecture 1400-1600
  • Architectural Theory
  • Historiography
  • Architectural Design Studio
  • Architectural Criticism
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