Teaching Assistant

I am a young Maya-Kaqchiquel-Tzutujil from Guatemala, currently enrolled in a dual master’s degree (2016-2019) in Latin American Studies and Community and Regional Planning (CRP). I received a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Havana, Cuba (2009-2014). I am currently finishing my master's thesis on "cooperatives as a space for political and economic empowerment for black and indigenous women of Guatemala and the Dominican Republic. Among the main questions that guided this master's thesis, are: How are these cooperatives shaped by the construction of indigenous and black gender in Guatemala and the Dominican Republic? How do these cooperatives promote the empowerment of women? The study on the constitution of cooperatives, the construction of gender, and racial identities, from these analytical categories, I try, in some way to decolonize the academia through the recognition of knowledge of the so-called "global south."


  • MS Community & Regional Planning/Candidate/2019/​The University of Texas at Austin
  • ​MA Latin American Studies/Candidate/2019/​The University of Texas at Austin
  • Bachelors degree in Economics/University of Havana