Khaled Alawadi is a native of Dubai and is trained as an architect and urban designer. Prior to his arrival to Austin, Khaled worked as a teaching assistant in the UAE University and as an architect in Dubai Municipality. Khaled’s dissertation work focused on Rethinking Dubai’s Urbanism: Generating Sustainable Form-Based Urban Design Strategies for an Integrated Neighborhood. Khaled conducted a case study analysis of Dubai exploring multiple urban design tactics for a more sustainable development approach to Dubai’s pattern of development. Particularly, his dissertation addressed the question: which form-based urban design strategies effectively deliver greater environmental, social, and economic coherence in Dubai’s neighborhood development? Khaled is currently an assistant professor at the UAE University. His research and teaching are focused on the intersection between urban form and sustainability. In particular, Khaled’s current research interest aims to address and generate dialogue about future sustainable forms for Dubai’s urban neighborhoods.

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