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PhD studies funded by a scholarship from ConTex-CONACYT. 
He is currently working on a bi-national research about participatory processes on informal settlements with The University of Texas at Austin and The Autonomous University of Nuevo León, founded with a ConTex-Conacyt Collaborative Research Grant.

Originally from Monterrey, México, León Staines graduated as an Architect in 2007 and holds a Master's in Sciences in Urban Affairs from the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon, where he has been a professor since 2012. From 2010-2012 he lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina studying a Master in History and Theory of Architecture where his view on Latin America broaden on the correlation that exists between the problems, differences, and similarities of the region. He also worked at the urban planning office in Monterrey where Leon’s research interests were clarified on spatial justice and participatory processes to improve informal communities. His research is focused on Latin America. 

In the Urban Design field, León has been distinguished with a National (Mexico) 1st Place with Morelos St. "XXIV CEMEX Award" category: Accessibility Congruence, and a 2nd Place internationally in the same category. 

His doctoral studies are funded by a scholarship from ConTex-CONACYT. 


  • 2007 Bachelor in Architecture at the UANL (University of Nuevo León)
  • 2014 MSc in Urban Affairs at the UANL (University of Nuevo León)
  • 2018 PhD student of the Community and Regional Planning program at The University of Texas at Austin


Staines, L., Aparicio, C. (2015) Improvement and Expiration of Social Benefit Architectonid Projects in Medellin, Colombia and Monterrey, Mexico. Revista Decumanus ISSN: 2448-900X found at: http://erevistas.uacj.mx/ojs/index.php/decumanus/article/view/1282/1120

photo of Leon Guiller Staines Diaz
  • Community-led Participatory Processes
  • Latin America
  • Architecture
  • Planning
  • Identity