Managing Director

Leora Visotzky is the Managing Director at the Center for American Architecture and Design at the School of Architecture. She has over a decade of experience staging multi-day symposia, and in event planning and exhibition production. She manages production of three book series, and all administrative duties at the Center. Before working in higher education, Ms. Visotzky served for over a decade in arts and non-profit organizations in New York and Austin.
She holds a BA from Vassar College and an MS in Architectural Studies from The University of Texas at Austin, where she has won awards for design excellence and research administration.


  • MS, Architectural Studies, The University of Texas at Austin
  • BA, Art History, Vassar College


Managing Editor, CENTER 21: The Secret Life of Buildings
Managing Editor, Centerline 12: Spatial Speculations (2017)
Managing Editor: Centerline 11: Critical Mass (2016)
Managing Editor: Centerline 9, The Poetry Foundation (2015)
Visotzky, Leora. “A manifesto on making : the knowledge built building a chair. 2014. Masters Thesis, University of Texas – Austin.
Managing Editor: CENTER 20: Latitudes 2 (2014)
Managing Editor: CENTER 19: Curtains (2014)
Assistant/Production Editor: Centerline 8: Mining Location J.O. 180: Experimental Buildings at Shoal Lake (2014)
Managing Editor: CENTER 18: Music in Architecture—Architecture in Music (2014)
Managing Editor: CENTER 17: Space & Psyche (2013)
Assistant Editor: CENTER 16: Latitudes (2012)