Magdalena is a Ph.D. candidate in Historic Preservation. Her research interests involve heritage as a socio-cultural process, community-based heritage and planning, and the politics of inclusion and memory in Latin America. She is a founding member of Aldea, a non-profit architecture, education, and participation organization based in Chile and the UK, and of Open House Santiago (Chile) the largest architecture festival in the city, giving free public access to 70+ buildings, walks, talks and tours over one weekend each year.

Magdalena’s dissertation “Insurgent Heritage: Grassroots Movements and Citizenship in Chile” investigates three grassroots movements and their related national monuments in Chile to examine the diverse politics involved in the production of cultural heritage. Through historical and ethnographic methods, the study illustrates how people through diverse strategies and actions, problematize heritage practices that work against established forms of inequalities, revealing the weak points of the state’s dominant apparatus and creating new spaces of citizenship and distribution of cultural and political rights.  


  • B.A. Fine Arts Universidad Catolica de Chile
  • B.A. Education Universidad Gabriela Mistral de Chile
  • M.A. Management of the Creative Arts, London College of Communication

De la Cerda, E., Novoa, M., and Quezada I. (eds.) (2013) CMNcasos. Serial publication, National Monuments Council, Santiago, Chile.

Novoa, M. (2011) “Review Art Equality and Learning: Pedagogies Against the State” in Observatorio de Políticas Culturales Journal. National Council for the Arts and Culture, Chile.

Novoa, M. (2018). “Chile and the Declaration of Amsterdam: Challenges for World Heritage Sites” in Forty Years of the
Declaration of Amsterdam:  Reflections on the Past, Present an Future of Integrated Conservation. Penna, K., Tinoco, J., Lapa, T. (eds.). Olinda: Centre for Advanced Studies in Integrated Conservation of Brazil.

photo of Magdalena Novoa