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Robert Lehr is a first-year graduate student in Fall 2018 getting his MSSD (Masters of Science in Sustainable Design) at the UTSOA in Austin, Texas. He is pursing his passions to learn how to design positively impactful self-sustaining systems, starting with large societal systems. Prior to starting his graduate degree at UT, he worked for 3 years as a research assistant in the UT Center for Transportation Research: Network Modeling Center analyzing transportation data with coding languages R and Python, and the querying language PSQL. During his contract at CTR: Network Modeling Center he got published for a mathematics paper he co-wrote as an undergraduate math student at Southwestern University and was given an annual award as one of the best written academic papers in the journal, Mathematics Magazine. He entered this research assistantship position at UT directly out of finishing his undergraduate degree at Southwestern University where he got his BA in Mathematics in Spring 2015.

His passion has always been rethinking, reimagining, and redesigning standards by which we live for the the better, and he wishes to use his pattern recognition and algorithmic experience to positively impact the coexistence between humanity and our natural ecosystem. He knows it all comes down to data and correctly analyzing it to make significant impactful changes on society. With an artistic background as well, he recognizes the need for the arts in our culture and how data has shown the arts beneficially affecting societies.

photo of Robert Lehr