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Dr. Robert F. Young works as an Assistant Professor at the University of Texas at Austin in the fields of urban planning, sustainable economic development, and urban ecology. His research centers on the planning, governance, and financing of metropolitan green infrastructure and on economic development initiatives for sustainable cities and regions. Dr. Young recently co-founded the University of Oregon’s Sustainable Cities Initiative described by the New York Times and Fortune Magazine respectively as “perhaps the most comprehensive effort by a U.S. university to infuse sustainability into its curricula and community outreach” and “addressing and catalyzing change across all issues that impinge upon sustainability.”

As a practitioner Dr. Young served as the Director of Planning of the Philadelphia’s Recycling Office and was appointed by New Jersey Governor Christine Whitman as Director of the New Jersey Commerce Department’s Office of Sustainability. He has also served as an advisor to Governors Ted Kulongoski and John Kitzhaber of Oregon on issues of sustainable economic development. Dr. Young also founded American Soil, Inc., a successful, large-scale New Jersey composting company described in the Wall Street Journal as “the future” of organic resources management. Dr. Young's most recent academic publications include articles in the Journal of the American Planning Association, Landscape and Urban Planning, Urban Forestry and Urban Greening, Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, Urban Ecosystems, and a chapter in the book, Garden Cities to Green Cities published by Johns Hopkins University Press.


Refereed articles
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Refereed articles in revision
Young, Robert. “Free cities and regions: Patrick Geddes’s theory of planning”
Refereed articles in review
Young, Robert. “From smart cities to wise cities”
Refereed articles in development
Oden, Michael and Robert Young. “Has green industry development died on the vine? Performance and prospects for green industry development”
Young, Robert. “From growth machine to living city”
Book chapters

Young, Robert, 2002. “Green Cities and the Urban Future” in From Garden City to
Green City-The Legacy of Ebenezer Howard, Kermit C. Parsons and David Schuyler, Editors. Baltimore, MD.: Johns Hopkins University Press.
Young, Robert. 2014. “Peter Berg, Regional Planner” in The Biosphere and the Bioregion: Essential Writings of Peter Berg, Cheryll Glotfelty (ed.). London: Routledge Press.

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