Mike Hogg Professorship in Community and Regional Planning

Simon Atkinson, Mike Hogg Centennial Professor
Ph.D. Architecture and Urban Design (Sheffield); M.A. Regional Studies (Sussex); AA Dip; Dip. Arch (Leeds); Fellow of the Royal Society for the Arts; Member of the Royal Institute of British Architects, and the Royal Town Planning Institute.

Former Head of the Joint Centre for Urban Design, Oxford Brookes University; previously Associate Dean, Director of Urban Design and of Landscape Architecture at the University of Texas.

Professor Atkinson won the School of Architecture Outstanding Teaching Award, and the Texes Exes Outstanding Teaching Award. He has been Visiting Professor at the University of Sheffield; North Carolina State University; Virginia Tech; University of Oklahoma; Washington-Alexandria Center; and lectured at over fifty universities and conferences.  

Professor Atkinson was Project Architect/Urban Designer with Wilson and Wolmersley and LLewellyn-Davies (London) and partner of Oxford Planning Group, Black Atkinson Vernooy, Atkinson International, and is currently a partner at Urban Design Associates (Austin).

I am currently teaching introductory design (Design I), Advanced Studio (Urban Design), Summer Studio (London), and seminars on "The Design of Sustainable City Communities", "Urban Landscape and Placemaking"; and "Urban Land Institute Workshop".  

I am currently working on the design of sustainable city communities in Stockholm, Freiburg, Amsterdam, London, and Asheville, NC.  


photo of Simon Atkinson
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