Stacey Bricka is a Research Scientist in the Austin office of the Texas A&M Transportation Institute. Her main research efforts center on the analysis of travel behavior data, survey methods, and data collection technologies. She is actively involved in the Transportation Research Board, where she chairs a task force on Understanding New Directions for the National Household Travel Survey, as well as active memberships on Committees for Travel Survey Methods and Travel Demand Forecasting. Stacey’s dissertation topic was “Influences and Implications of Trip-Chaining.” She continues to apply her findings of how the presence of children and the constraints of working full-time influence household travel patterns to her research, extending beyond just the work commute to how these factors influence mode choice and other travel-related decisions. While in the CRP program, her coursework focused on transportation, with outside classes on family policy, transportation planning and travel demand modeling. She credits the UT-CRP program with helping to move her out of the weeds of survey research and back into the mainstream of transportation research.

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