Professor Emeritus
Bartlett Cocke Regents Professorship in Architecture
Recent scholarship includes:
Moore, Steven A. and Meghan Kleon, “Cities as Inhabited Infrastructure.” In, Routledge Companion to Environmental Ethics. Andrew Light and Ben Hale, Eds. London: Routledge (in Press).
“Climate Change and Building Change,” in, Encyclopedia of Vernacular Architecture of the World, 2nd Ed. Marcel Vellinga, Ed. London, Bloomsbury (in press).
Collaborative Epistemology: The Design of Science, Engineering, Technology Engineering and Mathematical Systems; Keynote address at; International Conference on STEM and the Fourth Industrial Revolution; Khulna University, Kuhlna, Bangladesh; 2022

Steven A. Moore is Bartlett Cocke Regents Professor Emeritus of Architecture and Planning.

In 2017 I stepped down from teaching to focus on full-time research and activism in Maine--the place from where I came to UT in 1993. 

My current project is a book written for both general and scholarly audiences: 

Facts Migrate: A Maine Memoir of Building Infrastructure Relationships. 
The book is structured as five sections of multiple chapters. In Section 1, I tell the story of my own  family's migration, first from Northern Ireland in 1845, and subsequently within the United States. This very personal story weaves together a map of places and ideas articulated by successive generations of (mostly American) philosophers, each linked to one of my ancestors.  Together these pairs pose questions, or hypotheses, which are tested in the heart of the book.
Sections 2, 3 and 4 tell ongoing stories concerning infrastructure building in Maine: harvesting seaweed as food, composting solid waste, and rebuilding the state's electric infrastructure. Each story demands building new kinds of relationships between humans, machines and nature. Each story also challenges both Liberal and Conservative conventions of the Truth--as posed by the philosophical pairs in Section 1.
In Section 5, I consider how each of these unfinished infrastructure stories might end differently than their trajectories currently lean. If facts migrate, as I propose, the future relies upon readers.


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Available from Routledge

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Full text available on-line to UT students and faculty via NetLibrary
Available from Routledge

Alternative Routes to the Sustainable City: Austin, Curitiba, and Frankfurt 
published 2007 Rowman & Littlefield

Philosophy of Design: From Engineering to Architecture
Coedited by: Peter Kroes, Andrew Light, Steven A. Moore, and Pieter Vermaas 
published 2008 Springer

 Book Chapters

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Book Chapter (304k PDF)

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 selected Articles

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 "Reflecting on a Society of Bridges" 
Travelogue (1.1mb PDF)

photo of Steven Moore